About the Author


Deanna Bussadori grew up in Cape Town, South Africa, living an active and outdoor life under the African sun. As the youngest of three siblings, she was immersed in both Greek and South African traditions, family gatherings, and delicious traditional foods.


Deanna started writing in verse many years ago while simultaneously studying the interaction of her children. She wrote down those experiences and forged them into themes for her books. This ultimately developed into a ten-book series, with the lead title being Super Big Brother: Finding Your Hero.


Over the years, Deanna’s interest to explore settled her in three more countries: England, Canada, and the USA. Her spouse is Italian (just to add to the cultural mix within her family) and their two children, a son (Giuliano, aka Super Sam) and daughter (Olivia, aka Lulu the Little), were born in England.

Now living in the USA, she explores the children’s world of imagination and learning, while writing children’s books continues to be her passion. 


About the Book

Super Big Brother: Finding Your Hero 

Super Big Brother: Finding Your Hero
is told primarily through the toddler eyes of Lulu the Little, who sees her big brother, Super Sam, as her hero with his red cape always flowing behind as he helps her through daily family tasks and lessons about growing up. Super Sam can swim fast, climb high, and swing through the sky. He always saves the day whether he is helping, sharing, or showing kindness. He is the best Super Big Brother ever! Lulu the Little wishes she could be just like him.



Super Big Brother: The Big Brave School Day 

The Big Brave School Day
explores the feelings and challenges Lulu the Little experiences on her first day of school. The story is told primarily through the eyes of Lulu the Little who sees her big brother, Super Sam, as her hero. He makes sure that he is right by her side and using his Super Big Brother powers, Super Sam holds her hand, leads her to school, teaches her to be brave, and by the end shows Lulu the Little that SHE is the hero of the day. Super Sam is still the best big brother EVER!



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Important messages in this book

Be a hero to someone. Be kind. Be helpful. Be patient. Be caring. Be loving. Be good to one another.   The world is a better place when we learn to treat each other with kindness and respect.